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Food Pantry – Harvest on Vine

The Harvest on the Vine Food Pantry is dedicated to helping all needy members of our community regardless of religious affiliation.

Established by the parishioners of the St. Mary- St. Catherine of Siena Parish, Harvest on the Vine is located in the former St. Catherine’s Annex building on Vine Street. The Pantry provides twice-a-month distribution of food to Charlestown residents.

When is food distributed?
Food is distributed on the second Saturday of every month at 10 AM and on the last Tuesday of the month at 7PM.

Who is eligible?
All residents of Charlestown in need are welcome. Registration occurs on the days of distribution, families looking to join should bring photo identification that indicates Charlestown residency.

How is the food distributed?
The distribution is intended to assist families struggling to make ends meet. Each family receives approximately one week’s worth of food (e.g. pasta, rice, cereal, canned fruit, vegetables, soup, milk and meat and basic toiletries (e.g. toilet paper, tissue paper, soap). Each family may shop according to personal preference (e.g. Cheerios vs. Raisin Bran).
Shopping allows families to select the food they want, so that no food is wasted.

Families wishing to avail of the services of the Food Pantry are requested to register. You may register on the day of distribution or you may pre-register. In either case you are required to present a photo-id that indicates you are a resident of Charlestown. To learn more, please call 617-990-7314 or email