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Collection for the Church in Latin America Jan 28, 2018

In Peru, the 14 villages of Chazuta, in Moyobamba, are all located away from the city center, with the most remote only accessible by boat. The faithful in these communities do not have access to catechetical formation, and members often feel separated from the life of the Church. Through a grant from the Collection for the Church in Latin America, the religious congregation of the Missionaries of Jesus provided faith formation, spiritual retreats, and workshops to nearly 250 people. Upon completion, participants were better equipped to help others deepen their faith and answer questions. The program also renewed their sense of commitment to their parishes and created stronger bonds within their families. Through this program, members of the Chazuta villages felt the love and support of the universal Church. Please support programs like these in this collection.

For more info, please visit

Restore the Church and build the future – Feb 14, 2018

On Ash Wednesday, February 14, we will take up the Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe (CCEE). This collection supports Catholic organizations that provide affordable shelter and training for seminarians in a region that still struggles from the effects of Soviet rule. By providing pastoral care, catechesis, and funding for building renovations, your donations help restore the Church and build the future in the region. Please give generously to the collection next week. Visit

How the CCEE works for the people

In Armenia, the recovery from a devastating earthquake in the late 1980s and the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s has been difficult and slow. Many children in Armenia live on the street because of poor family situations or the need to earn their own money. The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have used a grant from CCEE to fund a summer camp for 850 children ages 8 to 15.

The camp is provided for children who are orphans, live in extreme poverty, or live in poor isolated villages. At camp, the children receive much-needed rest along with physical and spiritual support, all in a nurturing environment. Local and international volunteers help create an atmosphere of safety and trust while guiding and mentoring the children. Some of the camp activities include attending catechetical classes, going hiking and on field trips, and participating in sports and acting in theatrical presentations. While at camp, the children can experience the encouraging love and support of God and others.

Campaign for Human Development – Nov 4, 2018

On the weekend of Nov. 4, a collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will help to uphold the dignity of human life by breaking the cycle of poverty across the United States through grants to local community groups who create jobs, improve education, and strengthen neighborhoods. A quarter of the CCHD collection remains with the Archdiocese of Boston to fund local anti-poverty projects. Three-quarters of the collection support national grant and education programs. (Learn more at

Upcoming collection for Retired Religious – Nov 18, 2018

The Nov. 18 collection is for Retired Religious Sisters. Now in its 23rd year, this collection provides needed financial support for religious communities who have served the Archdiocese of Boston as educators and health care and social service providers. Please give generously in recognition of the Sisters’ years of dedicated service. For more info, please contact Sister Marian Batho at (617) 746-5637 or

Collection for CRS – August 5, 2018

The humanitarian arm of the Catholic Church in the United States is also one of the largest and busiest relief agencies in the world. Catholic Relief Services ( has been at ground zero for some of humanity’s most terrible crises.

CRS responders actively tend to earthquake victims in Nepal and Haiti, refugees from Ukraine and Syria, and drought-stricken families in the Horn of Africa.

Twenty-five percent of annual contributions to their popular Rice Bowl program go to hunger– and poverty-alleviation initiatives in American dioceses.

What is CRS doing right now?

  • In strife-torn Gaza, a cash-for-work program pays people to help rebuild damaged and destroyed properties
  • In Albania, a joint-operation with Caritas assists the government to stop a wave of human trafficking and to help victims return to safety
  • In Tanzania, partner groups are trained to distribute toys to children to nurture social, muscle, sensory, and intellectual development

On August 5, please consider making a donation to CRS, and thank you for reaching out to those in desperate need of kindness and salvation.

Upcoming Collections

Fuel Collection: March 4, 2018
Parish Easter Collection: March 25, 2018
Holy Land Good Friday: March 30, 2018
Clergy Benefit Trust: April 1, 2018

In support of retired priests

Next week, the diocese-wide collection for the Clergy Health and Retirement Trust will support the health and well-being of our 628 Boston priests.

Our priests have been there when we needed them. Now, it is our turn to help fulfill the promises made to ensure the highest quality of care and quality of life for them when they need us.

All are welcome to make a gift online at or use the in-pew envelopes provided.

Be sure to watch the short video at to see how your contributions help to support Regina Cleri, the residence for Senior Priests in Boston, which is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Thank you in advance for your generous and prayerful support of our priests.

The following are Senior Priests who have served faithfully at St. Mary-St. Catherine of Siena Parish. Please consider remembering them in your prayers when contributing to our second collection.

Reverend Edward L. Gallagher, Jr.

Reverend Robert R. Kennedy

Reverend Robert S. Mottau

Reverend Robert E. Nee

Reverend Robert J. Boyle

Reverend James B. Canniff

Reverend Francis J. Cloherty

Reverend Monsignor Michael F. Groden

Reverend Joseph Martin

Reverend Gerry Fraser

Seminary Offering on June 3, 2018

This collection supports the formation and training of seminarians in the Archdiocese of Boston for future service as priests. We are blessed that many are responding to the call to serve. Please be generous and support these seminarians on their journey toward ordination to the priesthood. For more information, please visit

Catholic Communication – May 27, 2018

This collection supports the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). The CCC develops media programming, projects, and resources that promote Gospel values. Fifty percent supports the development and production of national media programming, while the other 50% of the collection will remain at the Parish to support local communication efforts, such as website technology and bulletins. Please visit for more information.

Coming to the aid of priest-chaplains – April 29, 2018

This collection supports Catholic military priest-chaplains through our Home Missions collection. Priest-Chaplains bless our troops with the healing power of the sacraments and good counsel—and they need your support!

About 250 Catholic chaplains serve on active duty. They minister to Catholics in the armed forces and U.S. military academies. Another 250 Catholic chaplains specifically serve patients in 153 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Despite increased demand, the ranks of active-duty Catholic priest-chaplains have dropped due to priests reaching retirement faster than they can be replaced. Catholics make up roughly 25% of the military, but only 8% of chaplains are Catholic. Often, our young Catholic servicemen and women turn to other denominations for pastoral care due to a lack of Catholic priests.

The Home Missions collection also supports the call to evangelize active-duty young adults, for those who meet the pastoral care of this young generation, and for those who need to hear the Word of God proclaimed boldly and authentically.