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Amidst the Beauty

The Easter Season continues throughout these glorious weeks until Pentecost Sunday on May 20th. Especially during this period, the Church urges us to listen to the refrains of the ALLELUIAS and let them touch our hearts.

In our time when something happens, attention spans are often limited to sound bites. Quickly we tire of the news and move on to the next event in our lives. Not so, Easter! This is an event that we need to savor and wonder about, for the implications are transforming and transcendent. Life and death are no longer the same, and there is hope where once darkness reigned. Grasping and internalizing the Easter message can change how we think, live, act, and love. This Good News opens the window to joy, both in this life and into eternity.

The month of May, traditionally dedicated to Our Lady, the mother of Our Lord, is on the horizon. It is such a busy month in the lives of so many. There are weddings, graduations, celebration of sacraments and so many other enjoyable events. Preparations are in full swing for the June Bunker Hill Days with the parade and events all over town.

In our Parish, May will be one of the busiest months on our calendar. There are a dozen baptisms scheduled and being planned. There are weddings most weekends. Confirmation will be celebrated on the 12th, Mother’s Day on the 13th and First Communion and crowning of Mary on the 20th.

After I visited my brother last Saturday on the North Shore, I stopped for an hour or so to walk with Lily along Lynn Shore Drive – a lovely long beach area. It was a day filled with sunshine, and I was struck by the hustle and bustle of the multitude of people out walking, running and sitting in the parks, all enjoying the beautiful spring afternoon. It made me think I am living in a bubble here in Charlestown!

It is so easy to get caught up into our regular routines, special celebratory events and the activities that the beautiful weather of springtime affords us, and not think about the struggles that are occurring amidst the beauty of our personal lives. For example, it can easily escape us that immigration policies have become deeply politicized while innocent people are suffering in Central and South America and other parts of our world because of the violence and divisions that exist. Yet we are all called to concerned-action for those who are suffering nearby and in corners all over the world.

While I am aware of this, the contentment of a beautiful springtime in Charlestown can lull me into complacency. Join me in fighting against any indifference to the suffering of so many families who are seeking safety; longing for an end to violence in their
neighborhoods and countries; and searching for a future of hope for their children within our borders and beyond. Let’s keep them in prayer and do whatever we can to stand in solidarity with them. We can all do something and, in fact, we must.

Fr. Ronan