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St. Catherine of Siena Church

Saint Catherine of Siena Church, Charlestown, MA

Saint Catherine of Siena Parish was established in the late nineteenth century. The parish thrived as the spiritual center of Hayes Square for many years. It was a place of friends and family, of sacraments and almsgiving and of numerous religious vocations. The parishioners’ love for God and for those who served them formed the underpinning of their welcoming community.

In the early twenty-first century, due to shifting demographics and declining church attendance, a need to consolidate arose. After months of productive dialogue, representatives of both Saint Mary and Saint Catherine of Siena parishes proposed to Cardinal Seán that the two parishes merge. The Archdiocese agreed and two historic parishes were closed and one new parish was born: Saint Mary-Saint Catherine of Siena Parish. In time parishioners recognized the need to have the new parish worship together in one space and Saint Catherine of Siena Church was closed on February 10, 2008. Property consisting of the church, school, parking lot and annex buildings were sold in March 2013.

At the closing liturgy of Saint Catherine of Siena Church, we dreamed of a way to keep alive the essence of this beautiful structure that represented the spirit and history of worshippers of so many generations by building a chapel in the lower level of Saint Mary Church dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena. Our dream was fulfilled with the inauguration of this beautiful Chapel on December 10, 2011.

Various images of the church can be viewed below. To learn more about the Chapel, please click here. Images of St. Catherine’s Baumgarten pipe organ and pictures from the Chapel inauguration can be viewed in the main gallery here.