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A list of component specifications, courtesy of music director/organist Daniel Sauceda.

Great (Not enclosed):

16 Open Diapason

8 Open Diapason

8 Viola da Gamba

8 Doppel Flute

4 Octave

4 Flute Harmonique

2 2/3 Twelfth

2 Fifteenth

Mixture II

Mixture III

8 Trumpet

4 Clarion

Swell (Enclosed):

16 Bourdon Bass

16 Bourdon Treble

8 Open Diapason

8 Salicional

8 Stopped Diapason

8 Quintadena

4 Octave

4 Flauto Traverso

4 Violina

2 Flautino

Cornet III

8 Cornopean

8 Oboe

8 Vox Humana

Choir (Not enclosed):

16 Lieblich Gedackt

8 Geigen Principal

8 Salicional

8 Melodia

4 Flute D’Amour

2 Piccolo Harmonique

8 Clarinet


16 Double Open Diapason

16 Double Dulciana

10 2/3 Quinte

8 Violoncello

16 Trombone

Couplers (Drawbars and Thumb Pistons above the Great manual):

Great to Pneumatic (Enables/Disables Great)

Swell to Pneumatic (Swell to Great)

Choir to Pneumatic (Choir to Great)

Swell to Choir

Choir to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal

Presets (Pistons above the Choir manual and levers above the pedalboard):

Forte Choir

Piano Swell

Mezzo Swell

Forte Swell

Great to Pedal

Piano Great

Mezzo Great

Forte Great

Full Organ

Piano Pedal

Mezzo Pedal

Forte Pedal