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What do I need to do to get married in the Catholic Church?
The first step is to arrange to meet with our pastor by filling out our CONTACT FORM.  You can also read about our Church services here. Once the form is received, you will be contacted by the Pastor for an appointment.  Reservation of your marriage date on our wedding calendar can only occur after this meeting. You will learn more about what you need in order to prepare for this sacrament during this meeting.

You should contact us at least six months before the date you have in mind for your wedding. We strongly recommend beginning this process a year or more before the intended date of marriage so that you and your fiancée will have adequate time to prepare for this lifetime of committed love. We often confirm weddings a year or more in advance.

Can I marry someone who is not a Catholic?

Yes, you can celebrate your marriage at our Parish or at another church. Our pastor, Fr. Ronan, is available to assist you and your fiancée in this process. You may contact him at or call him at the Parish Center at 617-242-4664.

Weddings with another baptized person must take place in a church of one denomination or the other.

Catholic – Jewish weddings may be celebrated in a building other than a church out of respect for the religion of the non-Catholic.

Can I be married in the Catholic Church if I have been married before?
The church honors the marriage commitment that people make and so careful consideration must be given to a person’s previous marriage. There may be circumstances in which the church judges that a prior marriage is not binding for various reasons. The best thing to do is to contact our Pastor, Fr. Ronan, who can assist you.  You may reach him at or call him at the Parish Center at 617-242-4664.