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Substance Abuse

There are 116 deaths in America every day due to substance abuse.  (According to Health & Human Services as of 3.22.2018)

Local Group Info

What is the Charlestown Coalition?

The Charlestown Coalition, formerly the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition (CSAC), works to reduce substance use disorders by changing community norms and attitudes, increasing the presence of law enforcement, advocating for additional treatment resources and engaging in primary prevention within public schools.


In 2002, the rates of substance abuse-related hospitalizations and drug-related deaths among residents were 50% higher in Charlestown than in Boston overall. In 2004, the majority (70%) of Charlestown admissions to publicly-funded treatment facilities were for heroin and other opioids, compared to 50% for Boston. To address these challenges, a community coalition was formed to reduce substance misuse by utilizing existing community resources, organizing programs to respond to identified needs, and harnessing the community’s energy and commitment to create a safe, healthy environment in Charlestown.
The Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition works to increase access to and resources for successful treatment and recovery from substance use disorders (SUDS). The Coalition also strengthens protective factors and decreases risk factors to prevent substance use and misuse for youth, young adults and families, through education, prevention, and intervention strategies. The coalition has nearly 50 active members representing 12 community sectors.


To reach out on behalf of a loved one, or for more information, please contact Shannon Lundin at 617-320-9058 (cell)  617-726-6855 (office)  or Fax to 617-726-6624 or email

What is the Massachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery?

MOAR was founded in 1991 to collectively meet with other addiction-oriented groups to build a coalition to support licensing of Alcohol and Drug Counselors. The organization is supported by the Mass. Dept. of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services. MOAR works to address the following concerns:

Alcoholism and other drug abuse/dependencies affect over 406,000 people in the state.

Most families that receive Commonwealth services have one or more parents with alcohol or drug abuse problems. Many grandparents are “parenting” their grandchildren because of their child’s drug addiction.

Close to 30% of work absenteeism is related to substance abuse.

The general public hears and sees only the devastating effects of addiction but does not hear about the many positive effects of recovery. Participating in MOAR allows recovering persons, relatives, and friends to have an active voice about addiction recovery.

Call toll free at 877-423-6627 or email

Find an AA Meeting in Charlestown

Did you know that more than a dozen AA meetings can be found in Charlestown every week? For locations and schedules, visit and click on “Find an AA Meeting”. Information also available in Spanish and Portuguese. Call 617-426-9444 for info on meetings interpreted for the deaf.