Coming Home

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As we wind down summer, there is a rush to make sure that everything that was supposed to get done over these short few months actually got done. Did the kids finish their summer reading? Did I paint that room I was going to? Did my wife and I go to that great restaurant that we found years ago? Did I finish that book I was going to read? Did I even start it?

The amount that we try to cram into summer can be exhausting to just think about. But, next year, we will do the same thing again. Let’s plan as much as we can and try to squeeze it all in.

For me, September actually brings some relief. The kids get back into their normalcy. More people are ge9ing back into their Monday to Friday routines. Sure, that means more cars and busses on the roads, but with the busyness, it forces you to also slow down a li9le bit because the traffic will not allow you to go any faster! For me it feels good to just come home.

Coming home gives me a sense of relief that I rarely get from anything else that I do. When you walk through the doors at home, there is a sigh – a breath of fresh air. There could be other things going on at home that make it seem stressful, but you’re still home. Relax, take that breath – if only for a minute – and then dive into what needs to get done. Those minutes are few and far between.

Another one of those moments for me is when I walk through the doors of our beautiful Church. “I’m home” is what I say to myself. I believe this feeling is also the same for many other parishioners in our Parish. You can feel the warmth of the building, the love of other parishioners – and of course God’s love.

Just like our familial homes, there is also that other “stuff” that needs to get done at the Church. Paying the bills, taking care of the property, and fixing what needs to get fixed. The people of our Parish come together in remarkable ways when things need to get done.

In the coming weeks, volunteers from MGH will come and help clean the Church. Our religious education program will be starting soon, and many volunteers will come together and teach the children of Our Parish.
A few weeks ago, Fr. Ronan mentioned the “Building a place” project where a group of parishioners will come together, as they always do, and create a new home – a crèche, for our Peace Garden.
If you are interested in helping with any of these, or any of the ministries listed weekly in the bulletin on page 6, please let us know. For those coming back from summer
traveling, I hope you get the same feeling as I do when I walk through the doors of the Church. The sense of belonging is real. You truly are HOME in God’s house – and he is welcoming you with open arms.

James Santosusoso, Business Manager