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Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday 4:00PM at both Churches

Sunday 8:00AM at St. Mary

Sunday 9:30 AM at St. Francis
Sunday 11:00AM at St Mary (Live stream link)
and 6:00 PM

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November 25/26, 2023 – Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
King of the Universe

In today’s Gospel, Saint Matthew offers a compelling vision of the end-time, when the people of all nations are brought before the Lord to give an account of their lives and actions. Interestingly, the sheep, the righteous ones, are rewarded for having acted with love and compassion without having recognized the face of Christ in others. Good stewards recognize those in need of their care as gifts from God. They know that they are instruments of Christ’s active, loving presence What accounting will we make to the Lord for their care?

November – Month of the Holy Souls

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Coming Up  and starting Wednesday this week!

Advent Mission—Speaker series
Wednesday, Nov. 29 6:30 pm St. Francis de Sales – On Gratitude
Wednesday, Dec. 6 6:30 pm St. Mary- St. Catherine – On Joy
Wednesday, Dec. 13 6:30 pm St. Francis de Sales – Prayer Service for Peace With the Sacrament of Reconciliation



…anyone who wants to become Catholic?

…anyone who is baptized Catholic but has not received First Communion and Confirmation and would like to?

…any Catholic in good standing that married outside of the Catholic Church and would like to receive the Sacrament of Marriage?

If you do, please have them contact Sr. Nancy at 617-242-4664 or ncitro@stmarystcatherine.org
Thanks so much!

Pastor Fr. John Sheridan celebrates his first Mass at
St. Mary Church, Sunday, November 27th, 2022,
First Sunday of Advent