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For You?

Saint Mary – Saint Catherine of Siena Parish offers and operates several important community services and serves as a hub for local merchants and members of the community willing and able to help their less fortunate neighbors.  The following pages describe these defining efforts of our Catholic Faith and provide a means for you to learn more, whether you are exploring opportunities to help or are, unfortunately, seeking help. In either case you have come to the right place.

As you will see throughout the Saint Mary – Saint Catherine of Siena website you will have the opportunity to provide or request further information. Please avail of the opportunity to do so everywhere possible and where relevant for you. The needs of our neighbors exist around the clock, and around the calendar, while our availability to answer inquiries or offers coming into our office depends on a very few, very busy individuals. It is our fervent hope that this website becomes a strong and supportive resource for all concerned and that you will find it both useful and convenient.