St. Mary St. Catherine of Siena

A Roman Catholic Parish in Charlestown, Massachusetts

Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday 4:00PM, Sunday 8:00AM, 
Sunday 10:30AM (Live stream link) and 6:00 PM


Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 25/26, 2022

Today’s Gospel reveals to us the beginning of Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem. We will journey
with Jesus for many Sundays to come, and along the way he will teach us about the demands of
discipleship. His instructions may seem harsh and unreasonable to our ears. His response to
legitimate requests to postpone the journey reminds us that there are always justifiable excuses
to defer the journey or put off the responsibilities of discipleship. Other important matters compete for our aĴention. Some of us must make heart-wrenching choices, but there is urgency
about Jesus’ mission to bring forth God’s kingdom. His demand is that we proclaim the Kingdom of God now. Is this our first priority, or do we have other priorities


Harvest on Vine Cookout this Tuesday, June 29th


This past Pentecost Sunday, June 5, at the 10:30 Mass, Fr. Ronan celebrated his final Mass as Pastor. What an incredibly magnificent celebration and tribute to the  one who, with God’s grace, has served our Parish so  well for the past 18 years and has ministered faithfully  to the people of God as an ordained priest for 40 years! The cheerful, beautifully sunny, warm day mirrored the experience of the over 500 persons in attendance – parishioners, former parishioners, and family and  friends of Fr. Ronan.
The outstanding music and  singing framed all that took place – from the  inspirational scripture readings; to Fr. Ronan’s rousing homily; to the hallowed reception of the  Eucharist, the source and summit of our lives; to the glowing tributes to Fr. Ronan given by parishioners, Jim Coviello and Sally Walker; Joe Reardon, Board member of Rostro de Cristo (; and Jennifer Poulos, Chair of the Good Shepherd School ( As you may know, both the organization Rostro de Cristo (Face of Christ) and the Good Shepherd School were founded by Fr. Ronan.

Fr Coyne,
On behalf of the Parish Staff and the parishioners of St. Mary-St. Catherine of Siena, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your leadership and presence in our Parish this past month. You brought great joy to all of the parishioners who knew you from when you were at St. Catherine’s.

They shared their stories about the many ways in which you touched parishioners lives when you were here before, and how you had a great knack for engaging the youth of Charlestown and establishing wonderful programs for them. You continue to be greatly loved!

And though your time in our Parish was all too short, those of us who recently met you marvel at your energetic presence, your wonderful homilies, and your desire to get to know as many of us as possible. So please know that you will be remembered fondly and missed not only by those who know you from the 1990’s but also by those of us in 2022. St. Cecilia’s is blessed to have you as were we.

As you leave, we wish you every blessing and look forward to your visiting us when the opportunity arises for you. And, as you say, we hope that you will “enjoy life!”

Sr. Nancy


For the past 40 years, June 5 has always been an especially
significant and beautiful day for me. However, June 5, 2022 and the
magnificent celebration we enjoyed at Saint Mary Church, followed by
the reception at the Parish Center, will forever be the most memorable. Every single aspect of the liturgy and the reception following was
so thoroughly beautiful and uplifting.
There are no words to adequately describe my gratitude to the
Parish staff and to so many parishioners, family, and friends, who
made the day so very special for me. To each of you who came or
watched the liturgy from your homes, please know of my gratitude.
And above all, to the entire community who so graciously, thoughtfully, and meaningfully supported me and my priesthood and ministry
throughout these 18 years, thank you. Charlestown will always be the
reference point for the most joyful period of my priestly life!