Dear Parents

Dear Parents,
We truly hope you have had an enjoyable summer. 

Please see the video message linked below from Father Ronan addressing you, the families and parents of our Religious Ed program and our parish, discussing the importance of having and keeping faith during these times.

As a parent, I find myself seeking answers on how to best deal with the difficulty and uncertainty 2020 has presented – how do I explain to my own children “why is God doing this” when I struggle to answer that question myself. Father Ronan’s reflection about having grounding, and an anchor in our Faith to “bring us home,” helps me reframe this moment in time. I hope that you will find our re-imagined Faith Formation program – one that is geared towards building the church within our own homes – to be rewarding, timely and educational. Please see the information below and reach out with any questions at all.

See the link for a simple Prayer Before Meals – something Father Ronan mentions in the video. Here is another good one:

Lord, we thank You
for the food before us,
the friends beside us,
the love between us;
And Your Presence among us.

Dear Religious Education Families, 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Religious Education program has been re-imagined!  Keeping in mind the safety of our students and catechists, as well as the needs of our families in this very stressful time, we have worked to create what we hope will be a great virtual program for this year.

Before we finalize our plan, I would like to check in and get parent feedback. I will also check in with catechists to get catechist feedback.
Please follow this link for a *short* (4 questions!) survey. You will see the tentative plan on the survey, as well as below.  I would greatly appreciate feedback by September 8. (I will send a reminder, too!)

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. This plan is tentative and subject to change. We will notify you of final plans by September 18.

*Please register your child ASAP if you have not already. You will notice in the plan below that our staff will prepare “kits” for each student in the program. In order to complete these in time for our first activity (which will be in late September/early October), we need to be able to plan and purchase supplies accordingly. Our fees for this year will remain the same as in the past, as we will use materials and textbooks for instruction: $75 per child and $30 additional children in the same family; $125 for sacrament prep (First Communion and Confirmation 2). Payment via our PayPal link is preferable (please click on the Religious Education drop down selection.)

God’s Blessings to all as we move toward Fall and whatever our school situations will look like!

Thank you so much, Katy Fleming