Fr. Britto


Dear Friends,

A heart filled with gratitude pens this note! These past five years of my doctoral study at BC were rigorous and demanding. But YOU made it easy for me with your constant love, support, and solidarity. Five years ago, when I was struggling to find my footing, many of you came forward to offer your generous help. I remember people who drove me to places, took me to shops, and bought me some essentials. Though I could converse in English, the culture, lifestyle, food, and weather were new to me, and you helped me get along. I still remember how my mother shed tears of joy when she learned from me that I had found my home in Charlestown. Hence, if there is anything I want you to know, it is, ‘I AM GRATEFUL TO YOU.’

More importantly, I want to acknowledge the generosity of Fr. James Ronan and Fr. John Sheridan. Fr. Jim accommodated me when I was badly in need of a place to begin my studies at BC. Whenever I thanked him, he always said, ‘I did it for the global Church.’ Fr. John continued to support us, again extending his goodwill toward student priests like me. He helped me understand the parish community’s commitment to providing for priests from the global south. If not for the generous initiatives of our pastors, Frs. Jim and John, my doctoral studies would have been near impossible. At this moment, I sincerely thank my brother priests at the rectory, Fr. Jerome Gillespie, Fr. Anthony Nweke, and Fr. Mark Shimave, for their friendliness and accompaniment. I cannot forget how supportive and friendly our parish staff (St. Mary’s – St. Catherine of Siena, and St. Francis) were, and their responses to my requests were always thoughtful and prompt.

The faithful of the Charlestown Catholic Collaborative – YOU – have given me memories to reminisce about once I am back in my country to teach at St. Paul’s Seminary (Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India). You taught me what it means to share the faith and grow in it. Away from my pastoral experience, my academic achievement would have made little sense. It would be no exaggeration to claim that you helped me see the inseparable connection between theological articulations and the lived experience of faith. In this constructive process, your viewpoints, sharing, and contributions shaped my theological learning. In short, I thought theology was academic, but you showed me it was pastoral. Kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude and continue to support me with your prayers as I do for you.

I would be greatly happy and enriched if you stayed in touch with me via, my blog page on which I post daily Gospel reflections. Your insightful comments and observations would certainly help me grow into a responsible theologian.

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With Love
Fr. Britto (Dhinakaran Savariyar)