From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

The house I grew up in was just off routes 128 and 9, and we often had people show up at our front door at all hours looking for directions or make a phone call, in the days before cell phones and GPS (yes, young people, there were those days). We were taught to be careful, yet courteous to these unexpected visitors, understanding how it can be confusing and what a small amount of kindness and help can do.

This weekend some troubled, very lost people are gathering in Boston, looking for something. It would be easy for us to disregard these people, to pity them, even to resent their presence, disrespect, and vitriol. By our prayers and actions, offered in love, we can help these soul-sick people find the way.

There will be those who will reject us, as we seek to hear and follow the voice of the shepherd, and many may say hurtful, angry, and sad words, but I pray they will find in our concern and love for them the true Shepherd of our hearts and our world. Please remember them in your prayers this weekend and always. Mary, Queen of peace, pray for us.