From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

One of the most important trainings I went through in my time of training was working in the summer of 1988 in St. Mary’s Parish in Huntington, Indiana. I learned a lot out there in the country, particularly about the hope and patience of farmers as they watched the corn grow. Jesus uses that image of the Father as so patient with us, even as we grow differently.

As we mature in faith, we are called to be good and strong earth for those around us, to encourage by words, examples, and actions, reflecting God’s mercy, love and grace. It may take a long time to settle in the hearts and souls of those around us, but it’s worth it. It took St. Monica 30 years of prayer and love to lead her son St. Augustine into the arms of a loving and forgiving Father, and he became one of our greatest teachers.

God will find a way, often in moments we’ll never see or understand, to work through us in ways, to touch hearts and souls. Each of us are, privileged to be, God’s instruments. How blessed we are.

Fr. John Sheridan