From Our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

There come times in life when we ask ourselves, “Is this what I’m called to be? Can I do this?” I had a moment like that right before my ordination; I panicked as I thought to myself that I was unworthy to follow through with this incredible undertaking. In a panic, I ran into my classmate’s room and told him. His response floored me. He simply said, “Do think I am? No one is. That’s kind of the point!” He was right- and I followed through.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus chooses Peter to lead this ragtag group of guys not because he was smarter or holier, but because he was willing to do what he was asked, even with all of misgivings, doubts and faults- let’s face it, Peter had plenty of them!

God chose you and me to do His work not because we’re smarter or holier or more creative or more talented anymore that the next person (far from it, in my case)- all He asks us to do is trust that He called each of us to do our part to fulfill His will. If we each spent less time trying to figure out His will- which is beyond our comprehension- and more work doing our part of it, maybe we’d be happier with God and ourselves.