From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

If confession is the road to healing, forgiveness is the promised land.
I’m reaching out in my conviction, I’m longing to make amends…
So, I’m sorry for the words I’ve spoken, for I’ve betrayed a friend.
We’ve got a love that’s worth preserving, and a bond I will defend…
From Between You and Me by DC Talk

It’s a sacrament that scares everyone, and one that many of us avoid- the Sacrament known as Reconciliation, Penance, or Confession. Everyone has or knows stories of people who experienced difficult moments in “the box”, as it were, but I sincerely hope that there have been moments of peace, or relief, even joy, in hearing another voice say, “You are absolved from your sins.” It’s important to stress in the Sacrament that it’s not me who absolves, it’s Christ who does- I am simply His grateful minister, middleman, if you will- I just say the words- it is He who imparts the grace.

I have heard confessions in some unusual circumstances and places, These are moments when I
have been profoundly changed and made a better person by the grace, humility, trust, and courage people have shown wherever I’ve honored, privileged, and humbled by the role I have in this moment as confessor. Please don’t hesitate to see me or any of the priests to receive this precious gift, the gift of relief and joy.

Fr. John