From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

Wandering the road of desperate life… aimlessly, beneath the barren sky.
Leave it to Me, I’ll lead you home.
So afraid that you will not be found… it won’t be long before your sun goes down.
Just leave it to Me, I’ll lead you home.
So let it go and turn it over to the One Who chose to give His life for you.
Just leave it to Me, I’ll lead you home. Leave it to Me, I’ll lead you home.

from I’ll lead you home, by Michael W. Smith

Today’s Gospel is such a revelation- something that we all need to hear, about a King who wants so much to share his generosity with all of us, and how many people reject this invitation to the feast. I’m sure all can feel the sadness and frustration of the King as he sees how so many folks turn away from his invitation- especially when we see empty pews in our churches. As Catholics,
we have a responsibility to spread the Good News of Christ, and reach out to the lost sheep in our midst and bring them in.

So many people- family members, friends, do not join us at Mass- folks that we love so deeply who for one sad reason or another choose not to receive the Word of God, the Body of Christ, the community of his faithful. We need to address this sad circumstance and address it NOW please join me and encourage someone you care about- a family member, friend, coworker- this week, to come to Mass with you. Your invitation may be the very words they need to hear. You don’t have be an expert to do this- be yourself. The Holy Spirit will give you the words you need.

As we begin now to look up and look ahead at a season of change and renewal, this is a perfect
time to personally take your baptismal calling and proclaim the Good News- it may seem awkward
at first, but the change that will take place will be worth the effort- be the one who leads them
home to the feast!