From Pastor Sheridan

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

A million days… in everyone I’ve seen Your face…
I know I’d never be alone.
Even if darkness comes our way…
For You… all the stars are singing.
With You… everyday I’m feeling… Alive.
A Million Stars, written by Michael W. Smith

In 1996, I was privileged to go to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. It was an amazing experience- I attended several events and met people from all over the world. Many people remember that Games by that terrible act of terrorism that shook us all. I was far away from that scene, but I went in the next day (I had a ticket to an event), and I remember stopping in the middle the stadium, in the middle of the fear and worry around the world, to see the Olympic torch, burning brightly.

There was a determination that day I experienced from everyone around me that the light of human possibility, symbolized by that torch, was not going out by violence, hatred, or fear. After a respectful moment of silence and prayer, the crowd cheered loudly, joyfully, and fearlessly that day as the great athletes took to the track, representing their countries, representing hope. Hope won all the glory that day.

The glorious feast day of Epiphany (Christmas to our brothers and sisters in Christian Eastern churches) speaks of the light Isaiah prophesied the star that led the Magi to the Christ child, the glory of the Lord that shines to all people of good will. Yes, the Christmas season is concluding for us, but I pray the light of joy and peace we feel in Christ shines in us on
the Epiphany Day, and through us to a world so lost in the darkness of fear and doubt.

A friend of mine reminds me that we’re called to be stained-glass windows of Christ, to let the light He is to shine through us in different colors, different ways. The beautiful windows of our parish churches teach and inspire us with the lives of our Lord, his Mother, great saints, martyrs, and teachers of our faith. They allowed the light of Christ shine through their lives, all in different ways. Now, it is a new time. Let’s return the favor by reflecting that light to others with our hope, our confidence, our love.

Christ, be our light.

With You… everyday I’m feeling… Alive.