Message from our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

I took my tree down to the shore, the garland, and the silver star…
to find my peace and grieve no more… to find some peace inside my heart.
On every branch I laid some bread, and hungry birds filled up the sky.
they rang like bells around my head, they sang my spirit back to life.
One tiny child can change the world, one shining light can show the way…
through all my tears for what I’ve lost, there’s still my joy for Christmas Day.

From There’s Still My Joy, written by Melissa Manchester and Carole Bayer Sager

This past week has been difficult for so many in our Town- we had four funerals- and I hope that the warmth that Christmas will bring will give us hope to look ahead to the promise of eternal Christ bring us. I urge you as we turn the corner and look ahead to find the light present in the memories of all those we remember and the light shining in the eyes of expectant children and all people who look with joyful hope for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Next week the bulletins of St. Mary- St. Catherine and St. Francis will be combined- I want to stress that this is not a merging of the parishes- this is a way to facilitate a closer relationship- I believe that it will prove to be a convenient and helpful way to share information. Soon we will be recasting our Mass schedule- daily and weekend- to make it more accessible for everyone. I hope you will encourage your neighbors and friends to join us for Christmas Masses at our Churches. Though we’re all too aware that the Covid nightmare
we’ve been walking through isn’t over yet by a long shot, the numbers of folks coming week after week to our churches I pray give us all a sense of hope and optimism, and my prayer is that it will continue to grow beginning this holy season and throughout the coming year.

As we rejoice in the season of light, we pray for our Jewish brothers and sisters, who mark the joyous season of Chanukah, as they struggle throughout our country with a troubling surge of antisemitism. May we speak out- through our words and actions- in defense and love of our sisters and brothers.