Newsletter, June 10, 2020


In late October, 2019 I met a family, recently arrived in the US, seeking asylum from a life threatening reality overseas. Since that time, our Parish, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Emergency Food Pantry, Harvest on Vine and various donors have supported the needs of this family. The father, a widower and his three teenage sons have been living in a former convent in Waltham. While we always knew this would be temporary, we hoped it would last until the Asylum petition was resolved favorably.

Because of Covid and various policy developments in our government, the process has become more complicated. Without some plan for housing, the family will be homeless.

If anyone has any ideas, resources to share and/or offers to help, any and all will be deeply appreciated and much needed. Please feel free to write directly to me: or call: 617-242-4664.


Fr. Ronan