Newsletter, November 11, 2021

A Note from the Pastor.

It is a funny thing about going to church–it seems like many are always hurrying to get there in time. In Charlestown where most if not all of us, walk to church, the largest number of folks arrive just moments before the beginning of Mass! In the crazy/busyness of peoples’ lives, getting to church is a hassle, so much so that many put off returning to church until a later time. Have you noticed when that happens there is frequently a twinge of sadness inside as we move on to something else. Of course, the pandemic has exacerbated everyone’s lives and routines and getting to church on a Sunday is certainly included. This issue of ON offers some personal experiences of fellow parishioners about returning to Saint Mary’s in these days. You will see and hear some expressions of this truth: what we all yearn for is to belong, to be a part of, to be connected with one another and to the very source of our life and our love. Although the world is suffering in countless ways and the lives of many are stressful and hard, here in your Parish Church you can find a refreshing oasis. Here you can be renewed and grounded in God’s Grace and Love. Church is the “antidote” to the crazy/busy. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Fr. Ronan