Parish Pastoral Council

Nominate Pastoral Council members for 2022-2024

On Palm Sunday, April 10, 2022 at the 10:30 a.m. Family Mass, we will select names of persons who have been nominated and have accepted nomination to be members of our Parish Pastoral Council. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, four (4) names will be selected by lot.
The nomination process begins on the weekend of March 19/20.
Only registered parishioners may nominate or be nominated.

Nominees must also participate in the sacramental life of the Church and be 18 years of age or older.
PPC members must serve a full term of three (3) years and attend monthly meetings from September to June.
As a consultative body, the Parish Pastoral Council is responsible to the pastor,
assisting and supporting him in his leadership role.
It recognizes the varied gifts of the parish members and invites them to an active leadership role in the parish.

The Council is an important means by which the pastor hears the voice of parishioners.
In deliberations and consultation with the pastor, the council helps to unite the pastor and parishioners.
Together they discern the pastoral needs of the parish and ways in which those needs can be addressed.

Once the nominations are in, the nominees will be contacted to see if they accept the nomination.
If they do, their names will go into a “pot” for selection on Palm Sunday.
Regardless of how many times people are nominated, their names are placed into the pot only once.

Please prayerfully consider possible candidates for the Council and submit their names no later than Tuesday, April 4,
to give us adequate time to contact the nominees prior to selection on Palm Sunday.

Nominate up to three people (including yourself if you wish) by filling out the 2022 Parish Council Nomination Form below.
The form is also available in the recent bulletins.

We thank departing members of the Council for their insight on serious issues and dedication to Parish initiatives.
Our community is not complete without the guidance and support of such wonderful people.

    Current PPC members: Kristen Farmer, Alysha Frank, Cary Lynch, Patrick Lynch, Brook Potter, Cara Bradley, Jim Coviello, Rob Cronin, Michelle Duane, Ana Lotharius, Katie Signorelli, Cynthia Markey, Renee Kessler, Helen Morissette, Brendan