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Celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism is always a joyful event in our Parish. It’s such a privilege to facilitate this momentous event in the lives of families and in particular, the life of the child.

A Preparation Class for parents and godparents is usually held prior to the scheduled Sacrament of Baptism at 7PM in our Parish Center.

Schedule of Baptisms 2018

2018 –

March 9, 2018, Friday:  Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
March 11, 2018, Sunday:  Baptisms 1:30PM

April 6, 2018, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
April 8, 2018, Sunday:  Baptisms 1:30PM

May 11, 2018, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
May 13, 2018, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

June 1, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
June 3, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

July 6, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
July 8, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

August 10, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
August 12, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

September 7, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
September 9, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

October 5, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
October 7, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

November 9, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
November 11, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

December 7, Friday: Baptism Preparation Class 7PM
December 9, Sunday: Baptisms 1:30PM

At times, parents inquire about what to consider when selecting godparents for their child, and if it is okay to select a person who is not Catholic. Catholic teaching is as follows:

A godparent is a Catholic who is at least 16 years of age, has received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and who leads a life in harmony with the Catholic faith so that he/she can serve as a good Catholic role-model for the child and support the parents in raising their child in the Catholic faith.

A Christian Witness is a non-Catholic who practices their Christian faith, and may be substituted for one of the godparents.

Please keep these qualifications in mind when selecting godparents for your child.

If you are expecting a child and want to have him or her baptized in our Parish, please contact Sr. Nancy at 617-242-4664 or