Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul Society: Provides vital help for the needy and suffering

Today, we hear Jesus say to us, “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” The challenge is to let go so God can lead us.
This month, August 2020, through your gifts, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul enabled the poor to experience Jesus’ presence by
Assisting 2 families, with rental assistance and 2 families with beds.
Thank you

Our Parish Conference began in 1876 under the auspices of Monsignor McMahon and supplied shoes for children and offered food to the unemployed. Currently, the St. Mary – St. Catherine of Siena conference, a team of about 15 parishioners, handles a variety of issues every week. Some people need help with rent to avoid eviction, while others are in need of a kitchen table with chairs, beds for the kids or a sofa to sit on. Little things to some but big to others are requested like a simple lamp or some sheets. Others are in need of a voice to advocate for them or may just need a sounding board – a friend. A team will visit their homes to determine their living situation and make arrangements on how best they can be helped.

Over the past twelve months our parish has spent $25,199 in helping 62 families that include 124 people.

Monetary donations from our parishioners allow the conference to help those in need. The cycle of charity has a resounding effect. Jesus says that the least you do to our brethren, you do to me. As a parish community, we strive to be welcoming and live Jesus’ message by helping those in need. So many of you have helped these families by your thoughtful donations and may be unaware how appreciated this necessary help has been in assisting the people who call our Parish. It is a community effort in resolving the problems that many of our neighbors are facing. We are all working together with our time, talent and treasure. Together we do and can make a difference in our community. And those who have been helped thank you, as do we, at St. Vincent de Paul.

Often we connect those in need to the Parish emergency food pantry, Harvest on Vine, and very often the food pantry refers clients to St. Vincent de Paul. Clients are also informed about Masses and programs at St. Mary-St. Catherine of Siena Parish. The St. Vincent members encourage and invite all we meet to join us at one of the Masses.

The second collection next weekend is for our Parish conference of St. Vincent de Paul. Anytime you would like to make a donation to help this cause, there are St. Vincent de Paul boxes at the rear of the Church or you can always donate on line or by mailing your donation to the Parish Center at 46 Winthrop Street. 100% of your donation is used in helping those in need within our Charlestown community.
Saint Vincent de Paul is a global charity network that now operates in 142 countries. In the United States, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul comes to the aid of 12 million people annually. Vincentians come from all walks of life to help the poor meet their needs both spiritually and materially.

“The poor have much to teach you. You have much to learn from them.” – St. Vincent de Paul.