Third Sunday in Advent

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Fr. John

As children, we all loved to be surprised- whether a visit from a beloved family member or if we received a surprise gift, we lived in joyful hope that life would send us on another adventure. As we grew older, we grew less fond of those surprises and became afraid of the unexpected, our hearts hardened by our previous experiences.

There are people all around us who live unafraid of the challenges and opportunities that wait around us- these are the people who truly discover that though it can seem difficult, there is much to be treasured, enjoyed, and looked forward to- those are truly happy people in our world- who discover the presence of Christ every day.

This time of year is a time for the unexpected- a time to discover the presence of God in our midst and allow ourselves to be thrown off course a bit and discover something we’ve missed. In all the hype of this season, the lights, colors, and chaos, may hearts search for the Christ Child present in the people, places, and moments we least expect, and truly rejoice in finding Him, at Christmas and every day of our lives!

A few cinematic suggestions for the Season

As we make our way through these Advent days, it’s easy for us to miss so many ways to make them meaningful- to dwell in the mystery of this holy season. Please take time with loved ones to get inspired!

For the adults, the beautiful The Nativity Story (2006) is a work of cinematic art- it seems as if you are walking with Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem. It is moving and carefully done.

For the kids, the animated film The Star is well done, though there is a lot of unnecessary fiction that pads the story. The depiction of Mary is meaningful, and the music is excellent!

For the whole family, it’s hard to beat the Muppets’ Christmas Carol- charming in a number of ways. Michael Caine is superb as Ebenezer Scrooge, Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit and with the whole Muppet family, is funny and warm- with Gonzo as a very accurate, may I add, narrator, it’s very smart!

Fr. John

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