From our Pastor

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Some years ago, I was the chaplain of a high school, and before games I would pray with the teams, that God would protect and help them to play to the best of their abilities- not that they would win or lose (that drove the coaches nuts).

One time, our football team was playing another Catholic school, and the opposing coach asked if I would pray for their students, too. We gathered both teams in the center of the field – the referees too – and we prayed, and I blessed them all- it was a beautiful moment.

I always think of that when I call to mind this weekend’s Gospel, as Jesus prays for His disciples. They had no idea what was ahead of them, but Jesus was sending them everything they needed- the Spirit would guide them, protect them, and teach them the truths that we hold to this day. I can imagine this as being a very emotional prayer for Jesus, as He prepares them for what’s next.

Next weekend we will celebrate the triumphant victory that is Pentecost- what was ahead for them was not known then nor what will happen for us is not known today. It’s easy to panic and worry, but we know that Jesus is a prayer away, the Holy Spirit is here. In the midst of the uncertain nature of this world, the winds of change are blowing- they’re blowing warm and welcoming.

Fr. John

It Takes A Village…

Every pastor and pastoral staff know that a parish cannot run without the involvement of its parishioners. And so, this is a
call to all of our parishioners to volunteer your time in various ministries and activities in our Parish. Some of the ministries in need of your presence are:
The Baptism Committee,
The Funeral Team,
Hospitality Committee,
Faith Formation,
Liturgical Ministries
and more!

Please contact Sr. Nancy at 617-242-4664 or for more information.
We look forward to your involvement in continuing to make our Parish a vibrant and welcoming community!