From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

Whenever I go to Washington, DC, I spend time in the Smithsonian Institute, especially my favorite museum, dedicated to American History. It’s always amazing to see so much presented in a way that you can’t read in a book or see in a movie- the symbols, the moments, the actual items used as history was made in their 3-dimensional glory, whether they be the Apollo 11 lunar module, the Woolworth’s lunch counter from Greensboro, NC where the Civil Rights movement was shown for us all to see, Mr. Rogers’ sweater, or the original Kermit the Frog, these incredible pieces allow us to recall the past, understand the current times, and even look towards the future.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus does the same for His disciples on the feast of the Transfiguration – to look, and learn, and wait in joyful hope for what is coming. The temptation, of course, is to stay in the glory of the moment in the past, as Peter wants to, but he doesn’t understand that there so much in his midst, and so much to look ahead to. Jesus is challenging us to look up and look ahead to the glory that awaits us. The glory that awaits is so much greater than what surrounds us- it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what got us here in the first place; we put it in its proper context and, as Jesus calls us, joyfully, fearlessly… we follow.

This fall, we will move on our goal of collaboration- our finance councils and pastoral councils will meet. We will have an evening with a speaker and prayer as we move up and ahead. We will have a Grand Annual collection at St. Francis, an Installation and Inauguration celebration on Sept. 24th. Watch the Pilot next weekend for an essay I wrote. Stay tuned for these and all other surprises as we turn a corner and prepare for what’s next!