From our Pastor

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

Where did I misplace my faith? Where did I set it down?
Which one the day that I forgot, what this was all about?
And I came so close to throwing it all away… but I’m taking it back again.
So come and rejoice… what was lost is found.
When did I get so sensible? Make me a fool again.
My life was a half empty glass, now it is full again.
And this road we take is never an easy place,
But somehow we’ve found our way…

Rejoice, written by Steve Mac, Wayne Hector

I love to make people laugh. I know that God has a great sense of humor, and I believe that His humor reveals itself in so many ways, at the heart of each of us and beyond us- and sadly, we miss it. There are sometimes in my life when I will pause in the midst of the frantic world and look for Him, and I can find Him drawing me, all of us, into something deeper than the moment in front of us, drawing deeper into something extraordinary, warm, and funny, because it’s so real and human- I discover His presence and can’t but share it with others.

Following Christ is gloriously ridiculous. It makes no sense- it will get you nothing on this earth, and yet as Jeremiah in today’s first reading proclaims it, God finds us a way to dupe us into it, and it’s the things like this that make this give our lives meaning and are so beautifully worthwhile. It’s a wonderful contradiction!