From our Pastor

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If you choose you can keep the commandments, they will save you;
if you trust in God, you too shall live.
Sir 15:15

Fr. Sheridan

Sports are a big deal in our rectory. I’ll take the guys- to Fenway (or at least to Worcester to see the Woo Sox) this spring. Fr. Britto is a big cricket fan. I am a big baseball fan. We have both agreed that we cannot understand each other’s sport, though everyone tells us they’re a lot alike. The only things they share are bats, balls, and no time limit. We understand, though, the joy each sport brings to the fan, and both of us complain about the many rules our games have.

One of the important things about sports are the rules. Sometimes they can seem restrictive or frustrating or even unfair, but if we stop and look at them, we understand that they’re there for a reason, to keep some sense of balance and order. Music would be a discordant mess if there weren’t notes and measures- so are the strong and clear words we hear in readings today, particularly those that Jesus sets down in the Gospel.

God has given so much, at the same time He calls to live lives worthy, as St. Paul reminds, of the calling we- each and all of us- have received. The rules and laws given to us by God are intended not to punish us, but call us to deeper, more righteous, more holy lives. May our lives, acting in response to God’s calling, not only benefit us, but may they be a blessing to those around us.