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Come take my hand and walk with me awhile.
Let me teach you how to smile,
and I’ll show you skies where gentle breezes blow…
I’ll take you where peaceful waters flow.

written by James Weatherly

Years ago, I was at a football game, and I ran into a high school pal I hadn’t seen in years. After exchanging pleasantries and all the usual questions, he bluntly asked me whether this entire enterprise I was so deeply involved in was worth it- Jesus and his words and actions, suffering, His death and resurrection, the apostles and saints, the Church, the priesthood, the Sacraments, all of this- did I really believe it? I felt sad for my friend, because I knew he was searching, just like Jesus knew the woman at the well was in today’s Gospel.

Jesus saw this moment and seized upon it, He reached out and helped her understand the peace that the living water of baptism brings- not just when we first receive it, but every day of our lives. As we look up and look ahead to Easter, I pray the living water of new life that Christ brings renew you and reinvigorate you. Is it worth it? So much more and beyond.

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