From our Pastor – January 1, 2023

150 150 Charlestown Catholic Collaborative

It’s a new year with new hopes and possibilities! There is much to do, and beautifully, we begin around Mary, the Mother of God. We begin with words of hope on the World Day of Prayer for Peace- we pray for peace in our hearts, our homes, our town, our country, and our world.

There is much we see every day that can send us into worry and even despair, but Mary challenges us to stand courageously and not fear! Peace does not mean just quietly getting along with others, it often means to speak and act out on behalf of others- for life, for dignity, for justice, for Christ!

The winds of change are cleansing and refreshing. As Catholics, may we be the voices which effect change in our world- by our words, our actions, our very selves, we are called to live out the Christmas challenge to proclaim Christ in our world- for the poor, the sick, the troubled, the forgotten. It may bring about discord for others, but only from those who are afraid- we’re not afraid to speak, to act, to live, for Christ!

~ Fr. John Sheridan

Thank You

Thank you – to all of those who took time out of their busy holiday schedules, and/or used their talents and treasure to help out with the Christmas activities of Saint Mary – Saint Catherine of Siena Parish. To those who helped clean and decorate our Church for Christmas – thank you.

To those who picked up the flowers and delivered them to our church – thank you.

For the Advent Wreaths in our Church and chapel – thank you.

For the wreaths that are on the front doors of our Church – thank you

To all of you who pulled a tag from the giving trees or donated a gift to someone in
need. Thank you

To those who so generously donated to Harvest on Vine food pantry – thank you.

To those who helped deliver the gifts – thank you

To all the Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters, Lectors, Musicians, Singers,
and Ushers who assisted in our Liturgies – thank you.

To Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and Santa – thank you.

To all who celebrated Christmas with us, and those travelling who kept us in prayer –
thank you

Your generosity is a true reflection of Christ and you are all appreciated very much!